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Exciting news from the Hampshire mindfulness clinic!

Coming soon is our Hampshire Mindfulness online mindfulness course. An 8 module learning program with bonus modules. Our online mindfulness courses are designed so you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home. All the material required will be available on our online mindfulness learning platform, where you will be able to access each module and the learning outcomes. 

8 weeks and 8 modules of online mindfulness training, + a bonus breathing training module! Each week a module will be released to you.

Our mindfulness training course in Hampshire, consists of 8 modules and will be packed full of mindfulness practice, meditation recordings and scientific research.  Videos explaining each particular module and learning outcomes are provided  for each week, finally completing with a small and fun mindfulness quiz to test your learning and knowledge.

After that a certificate of completion is provided, this can also show the Continuing Professional Development hours if needed for continuing professional development practice and professional body requirements. Please note the online mindfulness course  is not designed for it to be therapeutic or for significant health problems. Any concerns in this regard must be directed to your GP first before undertaking this course.

The modules and learning outcomes are:

Bonus module – we need to know how to breathe before we meditate.

Introduction to mindfulness, what it is and is not. Expectations. 

  1. Attention and the now.
  2. The automaticity of thought and being.
  3. Judgements.
  4. Acceptance.
  5. Goals.
  6. Fostering compassion for self and others.
  7. The Ego and its involvement
  8. Integration of all the modules and putting them into practice, your future.


The Hampshire mindfulness on-line learning platform is nearing completion and will be with you soon – to register your interest please leave your email address here:

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Our on-line mindfulness training will also be supported by our on-line (mindfulness) student community, having its own dedicated Facebook page; we can share and experience the practice of mindfulness together, enjoying the community of learning.  Joining is also optional!


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