Developing your inner self through mindfulness

Welcome to the Hampshire Mindfulness clinic

Welcome to the Hampshire Mindfulness clinic, in Winchester Road Chandlers Ford Hampshire, part of the London and Hampshire anxiety clinics Limited.

Our Mindfulness practice in Chandlers Ford, is here for you. Where you can begin to discover the benefits, the science and practices of mindfulness, and naturally deepening your understanding. The knowledge and practice of mindfulness techniques can weave into your ways of being.

There can be many benefits of mindfulness practice. Naturally anything that we practice regularly becomes a habit and the benefits can increase through practice. Stress levels can be reduced and being able to induce quicker states of relaxation is a real benefit. This can positively affect immune system function,  lowering of anxiety levels, blood pressure and lowering heart rate. Mindfulness practice can also give greater mental clarity of thoughts, learning to observe rather than engage in every thought, reducing negative bias and increasing your capacity for present moment awareness of thoughts and emotions, that naturally flow through the body.

Overall a greater ability and sense in psychological and physical well-being.

Exploring mindfulness can be fun and exciting, allowing you to discover many things. I will be sharing and discussing with you, influential books and podcasts. Naturally you can be curious about how you may want to incorporate mindfulness practice into your daily routines, simple basic steps that doesn’t feel like homework!

Exploring mindfulness practice with the Hampshire mindfulness clinic provides you a choice of learning routes. This can be from one to one mindfulness practice with Mike, drop in sessions or weekly mindfulness practice in Chandlers Ford. Each mindfulness teaching will cover the 8 main topics, used in Mindfulness based stress reduction techniques. These are:  1.Attention and Now. 2. Automaticity of thoughts. 3. Judgements. 4. Acceptance. 5. Goals. 6. Compassion and kindness. 7. The ego and lastly 8. Integration of each of the modules.

Coming very soon, is our online mindfulness course. Our mindfulness online course, gives you the opportunity to learn about mindfulness practice from the comfort of your own home or office, either for self-development and understanding of mindfulness practice, or for continuing professional development hours (CPD) as part of your yearly training requirements.

The science and research of mindfulness practice is growing, I will be sharing with you the latest research from neuroscientists and psychologists, discussing and looking at what is being said about the interaction and symphony between the brain and body with mindfulness practice.

To find out more, please contact the Hampshire mindfulness clinic on the contact numbers or email address at the top of the page.

Our Hampshire mindfulness practice is in Chandlers Ford Hampshire UK, within easy reach, of Winchester, Southampton, Eastleigh, Basingstoke, Romsey and New forest.


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